Rhea Law

Florida Offices at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

"The CEO Social is a high point for CEOs committed to our community."

Kevin Aspegren

Florida Polytechnic University

"The CEO Social was time well spent. It quickly became clear the intimate setting was filled with engaged community leaders." 

Clara Reynolds

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay

"A tremendous opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse cross-section of our community's leaders."

Bridgette Bello

Tampa Bay Business Journal

"The peer-to-peer dialogue at the KPI CEO Social was terrific.  It's always good to connect on a more personal basis with Tampa's industry leaders, and this forum allowed me to do just that."

Emery Ellinger

Aberdeen Advisors, Inc.

"The CEO social personally made me want to do more with my business because I was listening to some great success stories in many different industries."

Andy Salyards

Urban Restaraunt Group

"Being a business owner can be lonely at times and it's always comforting and motivating to hear of others that have already been there done that."

Troy Hayes

Engine 29 Advertising 

"CEO Socials are a tremendous opportunity to reach out to business leaders and make real connections that lead to new business. If you want to know where connections and decisions are made, it's not the golf course."

Nico Hohman

Hohman Homes

"Fantastic way to connect and strategy share with other influential businesses around Tampa Bay!"

Mary Key

Key Associates

"I wasn't sure what to expect and was delighted to meet so many proactive leaders in our community and beyond!"

Sue Kincer

Medical Practice Partner

"It's refreshing to next work with other growth-minded business owners who demonstrate a passion for their chosen area of expertise."

Corey Dylan

TV/Radio Personality

"The CEO Social brought together business owners who are laser-focused on innovation, something tells me we are building something really special in Tampa Bay."

Ernane Lung

Liquid Capital Solutions 

"The power of collaboration has never been more important than it is today, CEO Socials are light years in front of the concept for bringing business owners together!"

William Savickas

Yankee Produce Company

"I was fortunate to attend a CEO Social.  I often travel out of state to immerse myself in the same conversations I had at this event."

Jamie Randazzo

LSP Planning

"What a difference their vetting process makes!  People in attendance are at the top of their profession.  A unique chance to hear about their success and also the challenges that they may face."

Thomas Mantz

Feeding America, Tampa Bay

"The best communities are led by transformative leadership.  Those leaders attend this event"

Ashby Green

Gazelle Capital

"This event allowed a great deal of intimate communication amongst a very solid group of business leaders."

Robert Hessel

Source 1 Solutions

"A refreshing approach to connect influencers from our community together."

Brian Kornfeld


"The networking opportunity was out of this world.  The benefits from this exchange I will take with me for a long time."

Lauren Davenport

The Symphony Agency

"Often networking events are full of small talk and business card passing, but this event is different.  Held in a small group setting with high-level business leaders, you have the opportunity to engage with other business owners facing the same challenges and obstacles you are."

Bob Malandro

Whitecap Sports Group

"I was impressed with the wide-range of local business leaders that they connected me with."

Ann Madsen

Helen Gordon Davis Centre

"The CEO Social far exceeded my expectations.  What a terrific opportunity to get acquainted with some of the regions most accomplished business owners!"

Derek Woryn

CBT Development

"These events connect our top leaders!"

Christine Michaels

Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce

"I was able to meet a dozen business professionals whom I had not met through my own business circles. It was a relaxed and sharing environment."

Gary Viljoen

The Alternative Board

"I had the privilege of meeting innovative and high-impact leaders that inspired me to seek out collaborative opportunities."

Jordan Jay Adams

United Flight Alliance

"They did a great job vetting the guest list.  Everyone in attendance was a Founder/CEO and key decision maker.  Not only was this event productive and informative, it was fun! "

Vick Tipnes

Blackstone Medical Services

"Building lasting relationships is extremely important in business. You have to surround yourself with other like-minded leaders, the CEO Social does that for you."

John Hudak

Merchant insurance Solutions

"Every leader should be plugged into their community and the CEO social does the work for you.  Connecting outstanding leaders and influencers in a casual setting."

Anthony Olson

BrightStar Care

"I rarely attend networking events, I'm busy and often don't see the value -  but the CEO Social was able to connect me with other leaders that have since helped me grow my business."